Features Overview

  • Overview

    Dexdyne are leaders in the field of providing secure web-based remote monitoring solutions for any plant or machinery. Our system provides remote connectivity, data logging, real time remote control and monitoring, historical data analysis, SMS alarms and much more - all securely accessible over the internet via PC, tablet or smartphone using Dexdyne’s easy-to-use dashboard interface. Read more.
  • Dexdyne Dashboard

    Dexdyne’s Dashboard provides a simple and intuitive means of interacting with the data captured by Dexdyne’s remote communication terminals (RCTs). Read more.
  • Smart Device HTML Mimics

    Live site mimics can be accessed from any iPhone, iPad or Android hand held device.
    Read more.
  • Interactive Charts

    Essential for failure analysis, Dexdyne’s interactive charts allow users to zoom in and see the detail contained in the data captured by the Dexdyne RCTs. Read more.
  • SMS Alerts

    This function enables users to quickly notify the relevant teams by SMS text message should issues occur with specific equipment. Read more.
    SMS Alerts for Remote Monitoring
  • inStatus

    Displays an at-a-glance view of all installations and allows the user to quickly drill down to more detailed data. Read more.
  • Live Site Mimics

    User accounts with live access permissions can access a mimic which displays real time readings of installation parameters. Users with control permissions can (as required) remotely control attached plant. Read more.
  • Account Management

    Unlike other SCADA system suppliers, we at Dexdyne do not charge licensing fees on a per user account… We provide facilities for managing user accounts and do not impose a limit on the number of users… Read more.
  • How the Dexdyne RMS system works

    Four simple steps between you and your on-site equipment. How the Dexdyne RMS system works.
  • Features List

    Discover the full range of features offered by Dexdyne’s solution. Features List.