• Remote monitoring for your equipment from anywhere

    Dexdyne provide a complete solution for remote management of assets and processes for a range of applications and industries

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  • One system with unlimited possibilities...

    The Dexdyne remote management system (RMS) combines Dexdyne’s cutting edge cloud-based software solution with its proven range of DX remote communication terminals (RCT). The system is fully scalable, secure and flexible and can therefore be delivered to each customer’s precise requirements. Find out more here.

    Remote Monitoring System - Dexdyne

    The Dexdyne RCT unit is designed to monitor and log data from your equipment without any human intervention. It can also be used to control connected equipment remotely. Our state of the art cloud-based monitoring program means you can access all your equipment and equipment data from a single computer, tablet or other device with an internet connection.

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    The best way to find out how Dexdyne can help your business is to request a demonstration to see it in action.

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  • The Dexdyne Dashboard

    Dexdyne’s Dashboard provides a simple and intuitive means of interacting with the data captured by Dexdyne’s remote units. The dashboard is accessible through any web browser using ultra secure connections as security is paramount.

  • Discover Dexdyne's Full Capabilities

    We’ve designed the Dexdyne remote management system from the ground up which makes it possible to use with virtually any piece of hardware or equipment you wish to monitor. Click below to discover the range of features that the Dexdyne RMS offers.

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  • The perfect solution for remote monitoring

    The Dexdyne system is ideal for a range of applications and industries including...

    • Wind Turbine Remote MonitoringRenewable Energy Monitoring
    • Bio Energy Remote MonitoingAnaerobic Digester Monitoring
    • Energy MeteringEnergy Sub-metering Monitoring
    • Energy Remote MonitoingEnergy Management
    • Coal Mine Remote MonitoingBiogas & Landfill Gas Generators
    • Gas Remote MonitoingGas Monitoring
    • Combined Heat Power Remote MonitoingCombined Heat & Power (CHP) Plants
    • Air Conditioning Remote MonitoingAir Conditioning Monitoring
    • Refridgeration Remote MonitoingRefrigeration Monitoring
    • Pump Remote MonitoingPump & Compressors Monitoring
    • Water Treatment Remote MonitoingWater Treatment Monitoring
    • Fuel Tank Remote MonitoingFuel Tank Monitoring
    • Asset Tracking Remote MonitoingMobile Asset Management Tracking
    • Enviromental Remote MonitoingEnvironmental Monitoring
    • Diesel Generator Remote MonitoingDiesel Generator Monitoring
    • Backup Power Remote MonitoingBack Up Power Generation Monitoring
    • Smart Grid Remote MonitoingSolar Power Monitoring
    • CRC  Complience Remote MonitoingCRC Compliance Monitoring
  • With you every step of the way

    At Dexdyne we know investing in new systems can be a big decision, that's why we go the extra mile to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible by holding your hand every step of the way.

    Our commitment to you

    Request a demonstration

    The best way to find out how Dexdyne can help your business is to request a demonstration to see it in action.

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