How the Dexdyne RMS system works



  1. Client’s equipment
  2. The remote communication terminal (RCT)
  3. Dexdyne’s secure cloud server
  4. The Dexdyne Dashboard shown on a client’s device

The Dexdyne remote management system consists of two parts: a Remote Communication  Terminal (RCT) which is labelled as item 2 above, and Dexdyne’s secure cloud server, labelled as item 3 above.

The RCT is connected directly into the remote equipment (labelled as item 1 above) via  RS232, RS485 or Ethernet ports and communicates via a default Modbus protocol. Other protocols can also be supported. The RCT can also accept direct sensor signals through the built-in digital and analogue I/O.

Communication between the RCT and the cloud server (item 3 above) takes place over a secure GPRS/ADSL connection.  The data logging rates, data upload periods, SMS alarm thresholds etc. are all user-configurable and can be changed from the server over the air (OTA) via the Dashboard or locally.

Dexdyne’s easy to use web-based Dashboard puts the authorised user(s) in control of the data generated and the connected processes by any device with an internet connection. This is labelled as item 4 above.

Features Overview
✓ Manage one to thousands of dispersed processes ✓ Industry standard protocols such as Modbus
✓ SCADA like mimic capability ✓ Live monitoring and control
✓ User-friendly web interface ✓ Complete visibility of live and historical data
✓ Configurable data logging and upload rates ✓ Secure, compressed data transfers
✓ Configurable access to information for each user ✓ Unlimited user login accounts at no additional cost
✓ Advanced charting and graphing ✓ Configurable SMS messaging for specific conditions
✓ SMS administration/acknowledgement ✓ Data consolidation and automatic reporting
Key Benefits
✓ Increases plant uptime ✓ Improves profitability
✓ Reduces maintenance overheads ✓ Permits pre-emptive maintenance by looking at trends
✓ Exports reports to CSV/Excel ✓ Consolidates data from all client sites
✓ Fast ROI ✓ Industry leading technology