Dexdyne Dashboard


Our Dashboard offers a sophisticated status page, based on a ‘traffic light’ type of display, that provides more detailed information as to how well installations are running, with customised columns showing selected vital parameters for each site.

The Dashboard has a full set of features and proprietary analytical tools such as Overview, Interactive Status and charting function with user selectable date ranges and site names as well as access to live site monitoring and control, account management, SMS alerts, a server-based remote configuration tool and a user specifiable reporting feature. These features provide a powerful web-based and user-friendly interface to access and analyse the gathered data from customer applications.

Features Overview
✓ Manage one to thousands of dispersed processes ✓ Industry standard protocols such as Modbus
✓ SCADA like mimic capability ✓ Live monitoring and control
✓ User-friendly web interface ✓ Complete visibility of live and historical data
✓ Configurable data logging and upload rates ✓ Secure, compressed data transfers
✓ Configurable access to information for each user ✓ Unlimited user login accounts at no additional cost
✓ Advanced charting and graphing ✓ Configurable SMS messaging for specific conditions
✓ SMS administration/acknowledgement ✓ Data consolidation and automatic reporting
Key Benefits
✓ Increases plant uptime ✓ Improves profitability
✓ Reduces maintenance overheads ✓ Permits pre-emptive maintenance by looking at trends
✓ Exports reports to CSV/Excel ✓ Consolidates data from all client sites
✓ Fast ROI ✓ Industry leading technology