Secure Web-Based Remote Monitoring

Dexdyne can provide integrated, secure monitoring and control of all your remote energy generation plants.  Dexdyne’s remote monitoring system (RMS) will work in conjunction with all your energy generation plants, whether they are  solar, hydro, wind, wave, biogas or any combination of these generating technologies. Our user-friendly and intuitive web-based Dashboard can give you instant visibility of all your dispersed sites from a single log-in.


Utilising our technology you can access and consolidate the key information you need. This could be power output, gas output, ambient light output, inverter efficiency, anemometer output, head of water in a small hydro-power application or whatever other information you wish to monitor. You are in control of the parameters for which you require live data.

Key Features for Renewable Energy

Key features of the Dexdyne Remote Monitoring System for renewable energy generation plants 


Secure 3G & GPRS Access

Dexdyne’s RMS has been specifically designed to provide secure access over the internet using GPRS/3G or ADSL connection. 


Retro-fit Installation

Our system can easily be retro-fitted to any existing installations.  There is no need to change any of your current infrastructure.  We can connect to any manufacturer’s controller. 


Fully Scalable

Dexdyne provides a fully scalable solution that is able to grow with your installation as required, over single or multiple sites. 


Unlimited Users

We provide flexible user architecture at no extra charge, irrespective of the number of users.  You determine what access rights are assigned to each user.

dexdyne-dashboard (1).png

A Single Dashboard

Securely view all your remote equipment data and processes via a single log-in from any internet-enabled device. 

benefits of the Dexdyne's RMS

Fast Deployment

Quick implementation and return on investment makes Dexdyne’s RMS the perfect solution for sites that are already operational.

Live Data

Live and historic data will be at your fingertips at any time, including the ability to compare performance between equipment, installations, countries, etc.

Future Proof

Dexdyne’s RMS is future-proofed through genuine scalability.  We have designed and built our RMS to grow with you.

Trending and Analysis

Turn your data into valuable business insight.  Help preempt problems and resolve issues quickly, cost effectively and efficiently.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs and site visits.  Our solution provides you with the ability and control to remotely restart or stop your operational processes directly from Dexdyne’s RMS Dashboard.

Automatic Reporting

Automatic reporting and SMS alerts help your maintenance teams respond to and resolve issues with speed and efficiency.  Because the reports are automatically scheduled and sent to you, this streamlines your reporting duties and saves you valuable time to get on with more important things.

The Perfect Solution for Remote Monitoring

Our systems are ideal for the full range of renewable energy applications and industries including…