Software as a proven service.

With technology trends emphasising that asset management is going to be the key factor in

industries across just about every sector; we’d like to introduce you to our

 ‘proven software service’.

 Manufacturing, construction, energy generation, environmental/air quality and utility monitoring is predicted to make a comprehensive change towards monitoring and automation in 2019.  In doing so, these industries will gain instant intelligence and control making their operations smarter and more agile.

 The benefits are of course increased productivity and greater value from investment in technology.

 Workforces are evolving to a digital environment so a software solution that is user friendly,

easy to install and administer will be crucial.

 Our enterprise DX DashboardÔ software has been delivering critical business data and management to customers PC’s/laptops and mobile devices in real-time for over 15 years.

 If you need ‘proven software service’ which helps you manage your dispersed industrial assets then speak with our team about your requirements.

 We will introduce you to a future-proofed solution that can meet your needs now and the route to integrate emerging IoT technologies of the near future.

 Dexdyne also has hardware and full customer services to complement our ‘proven software service’.