3 reasons why our remote monitoring is so successful.


1. Continuous refinement and integration of the latest software and hardware innovations to build solutions that improve our customers’ ability to remotely monitor and control their industrial processes.

 3G, 4G, IoT and RF (wireless) technologies are here.  We’ve created systems based on these technologies to provide solutions to customer’s challenges of gathering data from remote industrial assets in real-time.

 Our hardware, combined with our user-friendly cloud-based Dashboard software and unmatched technical support, provide our customers with critical process insight and control anywhere in the world, from a single login, to any device.

2. Adding value to businesses by providing a software and hardware ‘end to end solution’.

We’ve created a value chain which can satisfy stake holders in any organisation from the service engineer in-charge of plant operations to the Finance Director.

 You’ll gain a rugged feature rich system that provides:

 §  Access to live and historical data - our units never stop recording your data.

§  Securely keep all historical data for 12 months (longer if required).

§  No licensing fees. No limit to the number of users.

§  A solution that is easy to install and user-friendly.

3. Strategic planning for the future; we consult with our customers to build a bespoke system for each individual requirement.

If you require a robust, controller agnostic system that will deliver on your investment by increasing productivity from day one, we can assist you with every element from strategic planning through to installation.