1 RCT, 15 years of uninterrupted service. Read about our customers' experience.

What we do best!

 At Dexdyne we are passionate about providing reliable and robust remote monitoring and Cloud based services. 

Some of our customers’ installations have been working for 15 years.

 In one such case we’ve calculated that during this time our system has acquired over 18 million operational hours and has transferred securely over 5 Terabytes of compressed data to our Cloud server.  This data has been unpacked and stored for online use and backed up/archived at our distributed data centres. This demonstrates excellent reliability of our product and commitment to ongoing service.

Both software and hardware technologies change continuously but our customers’ prefer to have product stability from a ‘users’ perspective.  Dexdyne is continuously introducing enhancements and improvements to meet these needs, adding new user functionality and yet maintaining compatibility at the software and hardware level between products which may be more than 10 years apart in design.

 Providing this compatibility is just one of the ways in which our product provides future-proofing to our customers, and greater return on investment.  Our remote monitoring solution (RMS) is controller agnostic and therefore, if five years from now you select another vendor’s product for your process, then our system will still continue to provide service-ensuring your investment in Dexdyne products and services continue to pay dividends.            

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzEYMam3948&feature=youtu.be

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