28 years in business - August 2019.

During August we are celebrating 28 years in business at Dexdyne.

This is just the beginning as we roll out new products and services for the future. We are moving into a new age of IIoT with fully supported products and solutions.

Congratulations and thanks to our Founders and staff (past and present) during the last 28 years for their vision, passion and commitment.

Customer testimonial.

We took over support of some remote pumping stations and needed both a reliable and cost effective solution to monitoring these sites.

The sites had little or no services being in “very remote” areas. Having used Dexdyne in a previous role I didn’t hesitate to use them again.

The pumping stations are pumping water from old underground workings and have already proved their value when we had issues and had to recover some operations.

The system allowed a limited work force to keep an eye on things and make decisions from any web-based device anywhere in the world!

I would recommend any one to consider the Dexdyne systems where remote unmanned systems are used, especially in those out of the way places.

Kevin Towler
Electrical Engineer / Energy Services
Hargreaves Industrial Services

Connected Products - the simple route to connectivity.

If you’re thinking of moving to a ‘connected product’ corporate model and wrestling to prove the technology or the business case .

If you have considered the idea of ‘IoT’ but are unsure what that will mean for your business.

If you are looking for examples of the benefits of connectivity - CLICK ON REQUEST A DEMO

We’ve the answers to all your questions and a solution waiting for you.

Data Recovery is possible even with extended breaks in communications.

We’ve designed a solution with you in mind.  

Dexdyne remote communication terminals never stop recording your data even when internet or mobile comms are interrupted. Your data will automatically be sent to you and a complete picture re-established when the comms are restored.

If you have issues at your remote operational site and require a more robust solution give us a call and arrange a LIVE demo.

LIVE demo slots available every week….. at a time to suit you.

Software as a proven service.

With technology trends emphasising that asset management is going to be the key factor in

industries across just about every sector; we’d like to introduce you to our

 ‘proven software service’.

 Manufacturing, construction, energy generation, environmental/air quality and utility monitoring is predicted to make a comprehensive change towards monitoring and automation in 2019.  In doing so, these industries will gain instant intelligence and control making their operations smarter and more agile.

 The benefits are of course increased productivity and greater value from investment in technology.

 Workforces are evolving to a digital environment so a software solution that is user friendly,

easy to install and administer will be crucial.

 Our enterprise DX DashboardÔ software has been delivering critical business data and management to customers PC’s/laptops and mobile devices in real-time for over 15 years.

 If you need ‘proven software service’ which helps you manage your dispersed industrial assets then speak with our team about your requirements.

 We will introduce you to a future-proofed solution that can meet your needs now and the route to integrate emerging IoT technologies of the near future.

 Dexdyne also has hardware and full customer services to complement our ‘proven software service’.

3 reasons why our remote monitoring is so successful.


1. Continuous refinement and integration of the latest software and hardware innovations to build solutions that improve our customers’ ability to remotely monitor and control their industrial processes.

 3G, 4G, IoT and RF (wireless) technologies are here.  We’ve created systems based on these technologies to provide solutions to customer’s challenges of gathering data from remote industrial assets in real-time.

 Our hardware, combined with our user-friendly cloud-based Dashboard software and unmatched technical support, provide our customers with critical process insight and control anywhere in the world, from a single login, to any device.

2. Adding value to businesses by providing a software and hardware ‘end to end solution’.

We’ve created a value chain which can satisfy stake holders in any organisation from the service engineer in-charge of plant operations to the Finance Director.

 You’ll gain a rugged feature rich system that provides:

 §  Access to live and historical data - our units never stop recording your data.

§  Securely keep all historical data for 12 months (longer if required).

§  No licensing fees. No limit to the number of users.

§  A solution that is easy to install and user-friendly.

3. Strategic planning for the future; we consult with our customers to build a bespoke system for each individual requirement.

If you require a robust, controller agnostic system that will deliver on your investment by increasing productivity from day one, we can assist you with every element from strategic planning through to installation.

1 RCT, 15 years of uninterrupted service. Read about our customers' experience.

What we do best!

 At Dexdyne we are passionate about providing reliable and robust remote monitoring and Cloud based services. 

Some of our customers’ installations have been working for 15 years.

 In one such case we’ve calculated that during this time our system has acquired over 18 million operational hours and has transferred securely over 5 Terabytes of compressed data to our Cloud server.  This data has been unpacked and stored for online use and backed up/archived at our distributed data centres. This demonstrates excellent reliability of our product and commitment to ongoing service.

Both software and hardware technologies change continuously but our customers’ prefer to have product stability from a ‘users’ perspective.  Dexdyne is continuously introducing enhancements and improvements to meet these needs, adding new user functionality and yet maintaining compatibility at the software and hardware level between products which may be more than 10 years apart in design.

 Providing this compatibility is just one of the ways in which our product provides future-proofing to our customers, and greater return on investment.  Our remote monitoring solution (RMS) is controller agnostic and therefore, if five years from now you select another vendor’s product for your process, then our system will still continue to provide service-ensuring your investment in Dexdyne products and services continue to pay dividends.            

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzEYMam3948&feature=youtu.be

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