Environmental Monitoring


Dexdyne’s web-enabled monitoring system is used around the world in many vertical markets such as energy generation and sub-metering, water and sewerage treatment works, gas extraction plants, pumping stations and CDM projects.  Now our technology has found a new application - air quality monitoring.
Our web-enabled Remote Communications Terminal (RCT) can accurately log dust particle counts, wind speed, wind direction and ambient temperature.  The data is then sent to our Cloud server over a GPRS/3G/4G network and can be simply accessed by authorised personnel over the internet.  Our system is user-friendly and intuitive.  The user can  easily configure logging intervals and SMS threshold settings on key parameters.  Dexdyne’s technology can be used to graphically analyse large amounts of collected data from multiple parameters.  Critical business data can then be either automatically delivered as regular reports by email or manually downloaded in Excel format.

Download the full PDF application note for Environmental Monitoring