The Directors at Dexdyne

  • Nils Martensson

    Nils Martensson has over 45 years of experience in the electronics industry (including Ericsson 1961-70 and Plessey 1976-78), particularly in mobile telecommunications. He has extensive experience of successfully developing technology companies, one of which was Technophone Limited, a pioneering cellular telephone manufacturer. Nils founded Technophone Limited in 1984 and by 1991 the company was the second […]

  • Bharat Gupta

    Bharat has over 35 years experience in the high tech sector and after studying for his honours degree and his Masters, he went to work with Data Applications Ltd, Micro Research S.A. and Vector International S.A. in Belgium. A return to the UK and a return to Data Applications saw him take up the position […]

  • David Collier

    David has been working in hardware development for over 30 years. David graduated with a First Class Honours degree from Cambridge University in Computer Sciences and went onto work at Data Applications in Brussels where he specialised in communications protocol development, industrial control and personal computer design and development. A return to the UK with […]