Remote Pump Monitoring Solution


One of the main concerns with un-manned pumping stations is that, without an adequate monitoring system in place, how can you be sure that everything on site is OK?  More importantly, how do you detect in time if there is a creeping fault developing due to ageing or other factors?


Letting you know your pump set is running when it should be – and keeping you informed when it isn’t – is what Dexdyne’s remote monitoring solution is designed to do, instantly.

Our web-based solution can help minimise operational costs by reducing call-outs and improving efficiency through monitoring energy consumption trends and enabling pre-emptive action to be taken, if appropriate, in response to changes in performance. 

Our solution also helps you keep track of other key operational details including volumes pumped, hours run, energy consumed, maintenance schedules etc. – all this and more from the click of a mouse!

Download the full PDF application note for Remote Pump Monitoring