Remote Lift & Elevator Monitoring Solution


Performance can decline rapidly if lift supervision and maintenance is neglected. Breakdown response time,lift down time and repair & maintenance costs will all increase. Most importantly,health &safety and customer satisfaction will be compromised.

Letting you know instantly if your lift is working to your pre-defined performance criteria and informing you when  it isn’t – is what Dexdyne’s remote monitoring solution is designed to do.


Our web-based solution lets you monitor all your lifts at once 24/7 from a single log-in over the internet and can warn you via instant SMS message if an installation requires attention. It also enables you to compare the performance between different lifts and/or sites and analyse performance trends.

The Dexdyne system will enable you to: (a)reduce operational costs and prolong the life of your assets; (b) improve fault response times and maximize lift uptime; (c)schedule effective preventative maintenance where required; (d) increase customer satisfaction & confidence; (e) improve operational efficiency; and (f) demonstrate a commitment to high health & safety standards.

Any available lift parameters (e.g. energy consumption, run hours, temperature, speed etc.) can be monitored by Dexdyne’ s remote communication terminal (RCT) either via a serial RS485/RS232 connection to a microprocessor based lift controller or by reading signals from digital and analogue sources directly.

Download the PDF Application note on Remote Lift &Elevator Monitoring Solutions